• Hotels and Resorts
    • Four Seasons Resort at Seychelles, Mahe

      Luxury hotel of 63 single room chalets, 5 suites, and 26 four to five bedroom private villas set within a largely natural woodland of Cinnamon and Tabebuia which has been replanted.  An existing marsh has been extended and rehabilitated as a lagoon with marsh planting for a natural landscape.
      Phase 1 completed 2009
      Client : Petite Anse Development Ltd
      Architect : Area Designs

    • Al Gurm Resort, Abu Dhabi

      Concept design and masterplanning for International 5 star resort and associated housing on Coast Road within Abu Dhabi island.  
      Originally planned as 161 privates suites, 72 luxury homes, 3 restaurants, swimming pool, and extensive sports facilities.
      Year 2007
      Currently under construction
      Client : Aldar Properties
      Design architect : ar+d

    • Resort at Kandooma, Maldives

      Resort of 160 villas on 16ha island.  With the exception of the renovated existing garden villas, all accommodation has been built around the edge or on the water.
      Guest and Front of House areas are planted simply in natural shrub massing while the Back of House has been utilised for fruit and vegetable production.
      All planting work carried out in-house, with own nursery and plant propagation, commencing 2 years before completion of project.  All planting administered and co-ordinated by 1oN.
      Completed 2008
      Client : HPL Properties Ltd
      Architect : Eco - id Design Consultancy Pte Ltd

    • Four Seasons Resort at Landaa Giraavaru

      Natural landscape for a villa resort hotel on a 950m long island.  Villas are set within existing coastal vegetation that was replanted and are almost completely hidden for privacy.  The 6 spa treatment rooms on land are set within a more lush tropical garden with fruit trees and medicinal plants.
      Completed 2007
      Client : HPL Properties Ltd
      Architects : MICD

    • Four Seasons Resort at Kuda Huraa

      Renovation and rebuilding of landscape to the existing Four Seasons Resort.  32 new villas and 25 refurbished villas located on the island, with 38 water villas.  Native planting along the beach front retained but the internal planting to the island was more ornamental with large masses of Hibiscus, Ixora, Gardenia, and flowering shrubs.
      Completed 2006
      Client : HPL  Properties Ltd
      Architects : Grounds Kent Architects

    • COMO Shambhala Estate, Begawan Giri, Bali

      Estate renovation of existing planting and design of gardens in the new spa extension.
      Completed 2006
      Client  :  Como Hotels and Resorts Pte Ltd
      Architects  :  Area Designs

    • Uma Ubud, Bali

      A 30 room boutique hotel, just outside the centre of Ubud and located on a spur of land that offers views down the length of the river valley.  We replanned the vehicular and pedestrian circulation, adding a car park and large porte cochere to the lobby.  Abandoned rice terraces at the front were turned into a series of flower terraces with a central water channel flowing towards the Lobby.  A 25m pool is located centrally.  An existing pond, located by the new restaurant was remodelled and a waterfall added, all enclosed by lush planting to create a hidden jungle glade.
      Most rooms have a small private garden leading off the wide verandas.  There are 4 suites with plunge pools are located at the lower terraces and have the best views.
      Completed July 2004.
      Client  :  COMO Hotels and Resorts Pte Ltd
      Interior Design  :  Ikebuchi Atelier
      Architects  :  Atelier Sad Rsi with Idea Bali

    • Uma Paro, Bhutan

      Exclusive spa retreat using renovated hotel with 30 rooms and an additional 10 Chalets set in a 9 ha pine forest site.  Design of all external works.  
      Opened 2004
      Client : Como Hotels and Resorts Pte Ltd
      Architect : Area Designs

    • Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran, Bali

      9 houses operated and managed by the hotel.  These vary in size from 2 to 4 bedrooms in plots of between 1,000m2 to 2,000m2 extent.  All have swimming pools and an entry pond.
      Completed : May 2002
      Client  :  HPL Properties Pte Ltd
      Architect  :  Area Designs

    • Four Seasons Resort at Sayan, Bali

      Constructed over 3 phases of work, 14 new villas were added on land either side of the Hotel Porte-cochere, a new Spa facility added within the grounds of the existing hotel and the Presidential Villa renovated.  
      Planting to the Villa gardens is simple but uses contrasting leaf size and textures and flowering Heliconias and Gingers to give a tropical character.  A sense of openness and space is maintained for air circulation and for ground views.
      Phase 1 completed July 2000, Phase 2 completed December 2001
      Client  :  HPL Properties Pte Ltd
      Architect  :  Area Designs

    • Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

      Renovation of landscape to Main Hotel and naturalized landscape to new chalets.  
      Completed 2002
      Client  : Como Hotels and Resorts
      Architect for original renovations and extensions  :  United Designers
      Architect for additional Villas and house  :  Area Designs

    • Hard Rock Hotel Penang

      A resort situated along beaches of Batu Ferringhi, with a total of 250 guestrooms. All external design.
      Client : HPL Properties Pte Ltd
      Design architect : Eco-ID Design Consultancy Pte Ltd
      Local architect : Arkitek LLA Sdn Bhd

    • Point Yamu by COMO, Phuket, Thailand

      Resort Hotel of 150 rooms set on the summit of a small peninsula with ornamental gardens surrounding the building and a large function lawn.  

      Phase 2 of 18 Villas located on lower forested slopes below the Hotel.  

      Hotel completed November 2013, Villas under construction.

      Client  :  Como Hotels and Resorts Pte Ltd
      Architects  :  Paola Navone

    • Uma Punakha, Bhutan

      Spa retreat with 8 standard rooms and 2 suites in a 1 ha site.  Design of all external works.  

      Completed 2011

      Architect : Area Designs

    • Four Seasons Safari Lodge Bilila, Serengeti, Tanzania

      Renovation of existing 5 star property located in the Serengeti region of Tanzania.

      Swimming pools remodelled and refinished.  Existing pond enlarged with new cleaning ponds and water circulation system

      Client  : HPL Properties Pte Ltd

    • Maalifushi, Thaa atoll, Maldives

      Resort Hotel of 23 land villas, 3 large Owners villas and 33 over-water Villas on an island of 16 hectares.  Spa, large swimming pool dining and BOH.  Completed November 2014.  

      Client COMO Hotels and Resorts Pte Ltd.  

      Interior : Atelier Ikebuchi

  • Residential
    • Singapore House

      Private house, comprising main house and 2 independent houses on 6,400m2 site. Extensive garden area, incorporating a large lawn, swimming pool and  ponds . Special attention given to screening planting between the separate houses for privacy.
      Completed 2010.
      Design architect : Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
      Local architect : Architects 61

    • G House, Mumbai, India

      Private four storey house in Juhu, owners having consolidated two adjoining plots.  Roof terrace on fifth floor with seating areas for entertainment.  Second plot as garden, with a 25m long swimming pool also functioning as a water feature and lawn for parties.
      Completed 2010
      Client: Lupin Ltd
      Architect : Rajiv Saini and Associate

    • Al Raha Gardens, Abu Dhabi

      Masterplanning development of Raha Gardens Phase I consists of 5 residential areas or “towns”,  3 schools, a Business and Commercial Centre and a Polo facility with associated hotel.   
      Design loosely based on a traditional town layout with pedestrian priority streets, parks, small shops and cafes.  Within a township division, recreational facilities for all age groups were distributed beween the various parks and open spaces.
      Year 2005
      Currently under construction
      Client : Aldar Properties
      Design architect : ar+d

    • Samadhana, Pabean

      This large gently sloping site of 9,700m2, located close to the beach on the eastern side of Bali was developed for two houses with ach house complex  made up of separate bales.  A 25m long swimming pool and recreational bale is located at one side, with sea views.  Each house has a separate staff house located either side of the entry car park, and a 2 bedroom guest house, complete with kitchenette, located either side of the pond.
      The garden is minimally planted, using simple shrub masses to screen and define spaces.  Ornamental planting is restricted to inner and bathroom courtyards.
      Completed July 2003
      T house architects and S house concept architect  :  Area Designs
      S house documenting architects  :  One Degree North Pte Ltd

    • B Residence, Delhi, India

      Located in an exclusive residential area of New Delhi, this site of 3.2 ha accomodates a family in 3 separate houses sharing a common garden and swimming pool.
      Completed : 2007
      Architect : Nozer Wadia Associates

    • Paras Tierea, Noida, India

      Condominium development for approximately 2,500 apartments in various unit sizes and standards on a 12 hectare site.
      Design architect : Spazzio Design Architecture Pvt Ltd

    • Sayan Residence, Ubud, Bali

      Private house on 80 are site in Sayan, Ubud.  Designed as a series of courtyards, each of differing character culminating in swimming pool and deck perched on the edge of the Ayung River valley.
      Completed 2006
      Architect : Area Designs

    • Villa Tupai, Lodtunduh, Bali

      Simple formal landscape for residence of two Joglo houses.
      Completed 2000
      Architects and Interiors  :  Nexus Studio

    • Desa Kilana, Batujimbar, Sanur

      Private residence with landscape work carried out over 2 phases of renovation.
      Phase 2 completed 2002

    • House A, Batujimbar - Sanur

      Renovation to one of the original 3 houses built by Geoffrey Bawa in the late 60’s
      Architect  :  Area Designs

    • Cemagi Residence Bali

      Private house in a 8500m2 site.  5 bedrooms, gym, spa

      Completed 2011

      Architect : Bedmar & Shi Architects
      Local Architects : Nexus Studio

  • Commercial
    • Maker Maxity Offices, Mumbai, India

      Phase one of a three phase project.  Landscape to podium deck surrounding 5 ten storey office blocks.  
      Multiple ramps to basement car parking are covered by a pergola formed of large steel ‘portals’ with end portals functioning as rain curtains.
      Completed 2008
      Client : Makers Development Services Pvt Ltd
      Architect : Morphogenesis Architecture Studio Pvt Ltd